Our Story

ToMaMe Tea was birthed from a love of books, a love of family and a love
of self. My earliest childhood memories are of reading books and bonding with
my family. Tellingly, one of my favorite childhood books was “Alice’s
Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. I identified so much with
inquisitive, adventurous little Alice. She knew what she knew and didn’t know
what she didn’t know, and set out into the world with confidence in the former
while determined to learn about the latter.

As I got deeper and deeper into adulthood, I found my life becoming
busier and busier. Times where I could treasure tea and a good book seemed more
and more scarce. As I became aware of the lack of balance this signaled, I
became determined to spend more time enjoying my life, family and friends.
Taking time for all three separately and together became more important than

I began to make my own blends to enjoy on afternoons filled with
decompressing and page turning. I shared these blends with family and friends,
enjoying seeing them partake in something I had poured love into. My family
took note and I found myself moved to tears one Christmas morning after I
opened box after box of the cutest tea sets. My mom watched me and explained, “
I tried to find you a tea subscription service, but none of the options seemed
like anything you’d enjoy. You should start your own tea company.” …and ToMaMe
Tea was born.

Pronounced “Tew-Mah-Mee,” the company name is both a play on a nickname
my mom gave me and my own personal dedication to my mother. If it weren’t for
her indulging in her own Little Alice, I would never have started this journey.

I lost my mother in November of 2023 and I am so grateful she got to see
me create something in honor of her.

I hope each cup of our tea brings you enjoyment. I hope each sip feels
the same way I feel while reading a book, sipping tea at the window on a spring
day. ToMaMe Tea blends are labors of love and I thank you for allowing me to
share that love with you.