About Tea

  • Black Tea

    antioxidant, promotes a healthy heart, reduces blood pressure and stroke risk, helps lower blow sugar levels

    Black Teas 
  • Green Tea

    anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, reduces stroke risk, promotes weight loss, supports heart health

    Green Teas 
  • Oolong Tea

    promotes weight loss, reduces blood sugar levels, promotes healthy heart functions, removes free radicals, reduces stress

    Oolong Teas 
  • White Tea

    rich in antioxidants, lowers risk of heart diseases, supports weight loss, anti-bacterial, lowers blood sugar, protects against osteoporosis

    White Teas 
  • Rooibos Tea

    antioxidants, improves heart health, balances blood sugar level, improves digestion, increases bone strength, aid in sleep, reduces allergy symptoms

    Rooibos Teas 
  • Herbal Tea

    Also known as "infusions" or "tisanes" - made of herbs, roots, spices, and other plants used commonly in traditional medican practices, while containing no actual tea leaves

    Herbal Teas 

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